When an upgrade to OP 3T


i was just wondering when we could enjoy e/ in our op3T with and upgrade?? lineage is allready in 17.1 that is like android 10 , and e/ is still using android 7, nougat??


Hello, a maintained unofficial build is available for your device (on Pie) :

/e/ source code will be available for Android 10 in a month or two, so you will be able to enjoy an unofficial build for oneplus3 on Android 10 once the source code for Android 10 will be ready.

looking forward for that one

sorry, u said thate/ wiil do 10 in a month or 2, but why it will beunofficial if e/ will do the code?

That’s a good question. Your device is already supported by LineageOS 15.1 (Oreo) and LineageOS 16.0 (Pie) but /e/OS for your device is still on Nougat.

So I just suppose nothing will change, but your device will probably one day be upgraded to Android 10.
An unofficial build will come before an official one for sure.

is allready support in 17. 1 in lineage OS

Yes, that’s why it will be easy to create an unofficial build for this device on /e/ Android 10.

ok. I hope the developers of e/ will get into it soonish. Thanks

there is an inofficial build for the OP 3t, from anghirrim on https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1jl5eeHqqoovnPJwrwg4iAlwZR6aDTJXU . I hope that helps you!

how can be that you send me this link from google, when all this is about degoogle?

thanks anyway

It’s not from me. I don’t own a OP nor do I maintain any builds. But here is another link which goes not to google, if you want: https://eota.digitalkr.am/builds/full/unofficial/

Hope this does help you!

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thanks for it. I think that we all might be aware a little.

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