When will /e/OS be ported to Android 12?

Hello forum,

Are there already plans to port /e/OS to Android 12? If so, when will the porting take place and is it already clear which new features will be added?

Thanks for replies in advance!

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Keep an eye on the weekly update for news of all upcoming and current developments. When the rollout to 12 is planned there will surely be a notification and probably a list of devices in the order that they will recive the upgrades. Just like previous version upgrades.


From the past years experiences we can expect :

LineageOS release is about six months delayed from AOSP.

/e/OS release is about six months delayed from lineageOS.


Two month later /e/ 1.2 still on Android11
Are they sleeping

As written : end of septembre if everything going well, please give them some time :slight_smile:


One behind is fine, especially for those of us who have devices the manufacturer wouldn’t have released 12 for!

Just install the latest 1.4 and guess yes android 11

:point_right: Expecting a delay here as recently a couple of developers left the team for their higher studies in the US. Two new team member has been added but there will be a learning process which will delay these releases.

Maybe you can read the weekly update :slight_smile:


No news about Android 12?

Some phones are already on Android 12. I am using a Pixel 3a running /e/os on Android 12.

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Guys just read the weekly update :wink::slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks fof all.
Nice Android 12, I am waiting for my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 :slight_smile:
Good job! :sunglasses:

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I updated my Oneplus 5 to /e/ OS 1.5.1 S (Android 12) the day before yesterday. Before that I did a factory reset in TWRP and formatted the data partition. (I am radical when changing major versions).

Runs great! Haven’t encountered a single problem yet. Many thanks to LineageOS, LineageOS for MicroG and Murena Team!!


I have upgraded to Android 13. All is fine! Very very nice to use for a 2017 smartphone, incredible!
A looot of thanks to teams! Great job!

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Can you share the phone version ? The previous android et /e/OS version before upgrad ?

I have a Xiaomi mi mix 2 (chiron).
Previous version was Android 11 R 1.14 (there is no stable version 12 S).
And all is stable. My smartphone is old, but battery is OK :slight_smile: