Where are the release notes?



I have had a few updates since installing the OS. I would like to know what is being changed in the updates. Where can I find information on current and subsequent builds?


Hi @PrivLock you can get a a changelog here Settings >> System >>About Phone >>System Updates click on the three dots on the right side ‘Show Changelog’
The same is also visible if you browse on the download page for your device build. For e.g. for Essential ‘mata’ phone the Changelog is visible here https://images.ecloud.global/dev/mata/


It is just an idea, but is it possible to have a more comprehensible text for the changelog ? It will allow us to test this new functionnality.

For exemple in the lastest update :

  • LineageOS/android_hardware_ti_omap4
    2018-09-15 17:49:05 +0000 d8470c0 Dániel Járai libpower: update interactive governor params for performance

I don’t know what is it about.


Hi @Sebastien please check a sample changelog given between the lines

  • e/os/android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks

2019-02-27 10:49:16 +0000 73ec091 Romain Hunault update eDrive and AccountManagerApk

  • TheMuppets/proprietary_vendor_leeco

2019-02-07 14:23:52 +0000 9954d31 Marc Bourgoin Revert “x2: kang imx230_lg blobs from x850 and pin them”
2019-02-07 14:21:11 +0000 c233f70 Marc Bourgoin zl1: drop widevine-specific blobs
2019-02-07 14:10:36 +0000 8d8c277 Marc Bourgoin x2: drop widevine-specific blobs

In this section the lines after the e/os/android_xxxxx are lines of code checked in by /e/ development teams. This is the section we have control over at /e/. This is usually understadable. For e.g. here it mentions ‘update eDrive and AccountManagerApk’ i,e updates to the eDrive and AccountManager apk.
Will ask the /e/ development team members to provide slightly more detailed comments when checking in if possible. /e/ checkins will always have this format …e/os/xxxx

The lines under TheMuppets/proprietery_xxxxxx are lines of code changes checked in the upstream Lineage code. This could be updates in vendor files or changes made to lineage source code. We do not have any extra visibility into what this code change is other than the message given here.
In other words we at /e/ do not have much control over this part of the changelog. So we would not be able to make changes to the comments in these code sections.

Hope that clarifies.


It’s clarified :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot