Where to find spam filtering documentation

I’m very happy with the IMAP mail service, and thank you to all the people who make it possible. I’d like to know where I can find documentation on how spam is handled. Inspecting the source of incoming mail I presume Spamassassin is being used, but I’d like to know things like for example if ham is misclassified as spam, does moving it from the spam folder to the inbox help to train the filter.

Before asking here, I searched this forum, support.e.foundation, and the Nextcloud docs at Nextcloud Documentation.

I know of no such official documentation but the answers by @smu44 in this closed thread may give a clue.

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I’m quite sure that ecloud uses Rspamd, way more efficient than Spamassassin.
Maybe from something like e / infra / mailstack-automx · GitLab (I may be wrong here).
This isn’t related to Nextcloud :wink:

Actual configuration is not disclosed by /e/ Team, anyway you can check the X-Spamd-Result fields from any message against Modules documentation.
As these fields include Neural and Bayes, one can assume that training is enabled (don’t know the settings, through).


Thank you both! While I was hoping for end user documentation, what both of you have provided is sufficient for my needs. Also today I learned of Rspamd so now I have something new to study.