Where to install BusyBox?

As a basic foot of cell phone privacy, control of hardware identifiers is essential. Like IMEI.

As a first measure, it is required to be able to add command line programs to our system $PATH.

For example: BusyBox.

(shell command)
$ echo $PATH
  • My device is rooted with magisk.
  • /e/OS version S.

Trying to understand a bit how stock /e/OS is, I would like someone to tell me exactly:

¿In which PATH it is possible to install BusyBox?

Since you have Magisk you can install busybox as a module.
If you do not want to manually locate and download the zips from XDA (osm0sis), install Fox’s Magisk Module Manager. Think of it as an app store for Magisk modules.

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Thanks @marcdw !!

I finally found the FoxMagiskModuleManager and you seem to be having trouble keeping it.

However, their README quickly directs me to a PWA where there is a Magisk Modules Repository by Androidacy.
I found the download from there very handy, it has the sha256sum handy and a VirusTotal check.

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What do you think about it? :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you saying that you have problems using Fox’s MMM? I do not understand.

Androidacy is one of two repos included in the app. I personally do not care to deal with Androidacy directly. An ad-ridden, captcha-driven, sometimes frustrating place.

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Basically… I think I won’t need to incorporate too many modules, just some specific needs. That is precisely why from the PWA it was enough for me to get each official download link.

I also checked out the Magisk Modules Alt Repo, both of which are just a git clone away, lovely.

I repeat, I’m not going to incorporate too many modules, and… simply so as not to install another apk. Otherwise, when I find myself testing modules more frequently, I wouldn’t hesitate to install it.

Total thanks to you!