Which build for OP8 Pro

Hi, as far as I understand for the OP8 Pro I need to use the Downloads from “T dev”. Is that correct? In the opening folder I still find a number of download options like Android T, Android S and Android R with each offering “recovery and boot” or only “recovery” ect. Which one exactly do I need to download for installing e/os on my OP8 Pro? Any help is highly apreaciated.

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Hi, yes for Android 13 you need the T build and for Android 11 u need the S build. U need the recovery files to start the installation process.

Here: https://images.ecloud.global/dev/instantnoodlep/ the first file on the left, the .zip file is the OS installation file, but before u can install that u need to flash the files in the righ zip file first. The dtbo (dtbo-e-1.21-t-20240325389105-dev-instantnoodlep.img) and the vbmeta (vbmeta-e-1.21-t-20240325389105-dev-instantnoodlep.img) onto your phone using fastboot and adb.

I just went through the process: think u can find a lot of useful information in my post: Oneplus 8 Pro Bricked when flashing Please help

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