Which phone to use Wickr, Signal & Protonmail

Hi, total newb here.

Very interested in purchasing a degoogled phone from e.foundation.

I only want to use this phone for Wickr, Signal & Protonmail. - Will these apps work on an e.foundation phone? If so, which phone should I purchase for seamless usage i.e making calls on Signal, receiving notifications of messages etc…


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Hello @laserkitty

I have used Signal and Protonmail on an Fairphone 3 (stable) and an unoffical Sony XZ2 Compact. On the Sony i dont get notifications for protonmail, didn’t really loked into it why. So in my opinion these 2 apps should work on any phone.

Edit: I never made calls with signal. The experience was allways kinda bad (delayed) in messaging apps, so I usually dont do it…

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Hi @laserkitty,

I don’t know what Wicrkr is,
but no problems for Signal & Protonmail.

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Which /e/ phones are available for your country, according to the website? Knowing that might help people with the same phone respond with their specific experience with those apps on the same phone(s).

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Just Duck it! :wink:


Hi Taurus, thanks for the reply.

I am in the EU and the phones that are available when i choose my country are,

/e/OS Fairphone 3
/e/OS Fairphone 3+

/e/-Galaxy S9 – Refurbished
/e/-Galaxy S9+ – Refurbished
/e/-Galaxy S8 – Refurbished

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Hi Mihi,

Thanks for the reply. So are you saying that you never made calls with signal because the experience was always kind of bad?

Personally I don’t care so much about notifications for Protonmail, but I would care about notifications from Wickr and Signal.

Thank you

Years ago when that feature came to the common messaging apps I tried it and since then I avoided using it. So I have no idea if it works nowadsys and if the quality is good. Hope that clears it up.