Which Tab is best?

My FP3 starts to be too slow and the battery is old now, I almost never go out with my smartphone so I think to find dumbphone plus a big screen smartphone or a small tab for automobile navigation and to use with my Android apps.
I can use the Easy Installer or pay a preinstalled device but I wonder if there is a 5G device with good long term specifications I can invest in or I have to get a classic GAFAM device ?
I remember there was a plan to launch a Murena Tab by the way.

all Tab including the Galaxy Tab s2 and after have good specifications.
[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets
But sorry, i can be wrong, but i don’t know any 5GTablet…

That ‘Tab plan’ has no ETA at all at this moment, just so you are aware.

There are no Tablets with Easy Installer support, therefore your options are limited. Check the selector on /e/OS website

I think you are right, there is no 5G Tablet yet supported by custom ROMs

Without /e/ for now I see the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 5.