Whitch device works better with /e/ OS?

Hi! I’m thinking to buy a refurbished smartphone in order to install /e/ OS. Which one is the best considering the stability of the OS and especially the future support given by Murena? I was thinking of getting the Samsung S9+ but I wouldn’t want updates to already be lacking in a few months…

Samsungs have VoLTE issues, so I’d skip those. I put a device recommendation in here some time ago - you’d want to click on the “build roster” link: How to ensure long version support for new phone - #7 by tcecyk

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I would say Fairphone or Gogol Pixel…
But my Galaxy s4 is so cheap and easily repairable…

[LIST] Devices where bootloader can be relocked

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The Fairphone 4 yes :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for your advices! I talked about refurbed phones because my budget isn’t unfortunately so high to buy a new Fairphone :frowning: (and it seems that isn’t possible to find refurbed Fairphone on their website: https://shop.fairphone.com/gb_en/fairphone-3-plus-refurbished ).
Ok, better not Samsung because of VoLTE issues… With Pixel 4 or 5 you can lock the bootloader, and they are also in the “build roster”. I’ve only one question: all this effort to not give my data to google, and then use google’s own smartphone? Is it possible that Google – through hardware, somehow – can take what it wants despite the operating system?

I’ve had very few problems with Sony phones. I like the smaller compact versions.

  • Xperia Z3 & Z3 Compact are both officially supported by /e/OS. Quite old, but very capable phones

  • Z5 Compact is a great phone, and is also officially supported, but is built on very out-of-date code so I wouldn’t recommend

  • XZ1 Compact is what I currently use (though I run IodéOS rather than /e/OS). It was offically supported for a while, and the official build can still be found (search these forums for ‘lilac’). But like the Z5 Compact it is built on very out-of-date code. I also make an unofficial build which is built on more up-to-date code. But being unofficial, i doesn;t get OTA updates - you have to download the update and install it manually

no, tracking is inside the OS.

if you just pick a device from [LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T - Part I and skip the Samsungs for now, I think you’ll be fine. The technicality of firmware support matters for some users, that is where a FP4, Pixel or recent OnePlus will shine - but if not, alot of 50$ aftermarket phones will do.

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