Who is the maintainer of Galaxy Note 2? I have some questions

Actually, I just wanted to come by and say thank you. It is pretty amazing to see that that rom is working like a charm. What could be more interesting than that? Of course an Oreo build /s

(ps. Protonmail is still crashing though, hope you can solve it. you are awesome)

Have you seen this [CUSTOM BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for Galaxy Note2 (N7100)

Thank you for your answer.

With all due respect, that ROM is useless. Signature spoof is not there, GPS is not working along with other things and it has a weird boot animation.

it was a personal build which I have shared. That’s why it is named: Custom build

And by the way: Signature spoof is on most roms not available

Have you installed a location backend from f-droid?

I will check.later if location isn’t working on mine.
And for me, it’s very useable. Better than LOS or eOS nougat.

So, I have just tried everything. Only MagicEarth does have an issue on navigation. It is showing the right location. Also Goolag Maps in Browser is showing the right location and routing is working. Some on OpenStreetMaps.

So you arguments that the ROM is useless is an absolute personal, subjective meaning. Sorry. It’s running perfect.

Really? When I tried it, it wasn’t working. Guess I’ll give it a try again.

So there was one more problem. Phone was freezing while charging. Do you have it too?

No, on mine I have no issue and batterie works very good. Better than on LOS14

Okay thanks then I guess I owe you an apology. I will try your rom again.

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