Why? Google splash screen on pixel 5

I just bought a /e OS on Pixel 5 from Murena, Google splash screen displays!!! Why? I will return the phone if it doesnt get removed.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Because the Pixel is a Google phone. Pretty much every device will show the manufacturer’s logo during startup. If you don’t want to see Google, don’t buy a phone manufactured by them.

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There is some good news and bad news.

The good news is that the Google boot logo in no way means that it is connected to stock android. It is also possible to remove it.

The bad news is that the process of removing can be complex
see here

Just as the bootloader unlocked screen, it is a minor inconvenience. Chances are youll only need to restart your phone about once a week.

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So final question what are the favorite devices folks are buying and loadinf /e on themselves? Samsung? Motorola? Thanks @Petefoth

Sony all the way. They make great phones, and they have always supported custom ROM makers through their Sony Open Devices program

Thank you Pete, ok that sounds cool any special l model now days that /e supports… I have a galaxy s9+ and am grateful its been supported so long just its getting that time to upgrade a bit… heck even in the Lan line days phones didn’t last forever hahaha

Phones will by default always show the vendors logo and splash screen. Irrespective of what OS you install. There are ways to remove it, but they are risky and not worth the effort. If you feel so strongly about the splash screen, pl send a mail to helpdesk@e.email and return the phone for an appropriate refund.

Helloo Manaj when I sideloaded /e on my Galaxy s9+ I nevfe rsaw any mf logo only the bouncing e… its not all hardware but certainly some and Google is the most dis heartening as the sire song of /e is " De googled" OS.

Therefore, the Pavlovian, gag is the strangle hold of that phone.

I dont care what I see but I sure as the sun comes up, dont want to see Google upon start up… thankyou Manjo I will follow Petes advice and try Sony or speak to Murena.

I appreciate all that your team has done. and again I apologise for my conduct in the forum.

Yes, I know, it’s for s different device. But it could be useful to the opener

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