Why not plasma Mobile?

Why did e.foundation choose to not go to plasma mobile ?
Why not go on Linux distribution way ?
French : est ce qu’il ne faudrait pas arrêter de fragmenter mais plutôt de rassembler ce qui a été fait ?!
Des efforts sont fait ou on été fait pour porter toutes ces choses… Ce serait dommage de ne pas s’en servir, sachant que le boss viens de mandrake, basé sur KDE.
Je ne suis pas là pour faire un troll, mais pour essayer de rassembler nos petits cerveau

I think because of the poor list of supported devices and more complicated development

So we give up… Android as won…
In 1990-> Microsoft as have won … No
Less is more.
List device is nothing than concept.
E.foundation want to eradicate google, but nothing will be eradicate if google is on your roots(android)…

It’s so easy to use android that we missed the essential
I dream about a : sudo apt upgrade

Look at PinePhone project

So why not pine phone as base ?!
Spotify(like Gael say) work on Debian/Ubuntu
And more… Better apps than others

If I understood the hints correctly, e may come for the Pinephone soon. Otherwise Plasma Mobile is not an option yet: Lack of native apps (and it’s obviously not mom&dadready yet). Personally I think it’s a pity that all this work is put into android instead of something like kde mobile or sailfish but right now on those platforms many apps are missing which are available for android.

One of the main considerations in going with Android was the availability of Apps across the board. Remember the Microsoft Windows phone experiment. It failed because very few apps worked on it. I have a lumia 535 gathering dust on my table as I write this. Sad because I liked the phone. Having massive amount of funds or large number of developers could not revive the windows phone for MS. Writing an OS from scratch will have these issues.
Android has been around for over a decade. Android phones are used and available around the world. Most of the apps we as users use are available through android app repositories.
The bigger challenge for us is to first clean up the Google calls and secondly see to it that apps users choose - work as expected on /e/.


Exactly this will bring success on a wider front. Just like porting to builds with 9-pie, so that users are happy to use a current operating system.

Linux suffers from a terrible thing : it’s not popular.

The reason why an overwhelming majority of people has Windows instead of Linux is the same reason why people prefers Android AOSP based ROM instead of a Linux one.

If we want to spread privacy, it has to be with Android.


Measured by Market shares of the leading PC & Notebook operating systems worldwide from Jan. 2009 to Sept. 2019 …

… Windows 79.1%
… Mac OS X 14.37%
… Linux 1.74%

… four out of five computer users are Windows users

Market shares of leading mobile operating systems in Internet usage with mobile phones worldwide from September 2009 to September 2019 …

… Android OS 76,2%
… Apples iOS 22,5%
… Linux ?.?%

These figures speak for themselves.

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I know that Android is the most popular OS, but if nothing is done with Linux, it’ll never be used :slight_smile:
/e/ is pretty good project for sure. I just think that plasma could also be an alternative in future, qt/qml can make good UI on smartphone know

@GaelDuval and his trust people know what they are doing. And I think it’s right what they do with the /e/cosystem. He and his team are familiar with Linux and know about the multiple failures of linux mobil OS’s.

Let’s take the example of Sailfish OS. Sailfish OS is based on Linux and belongs mainly to a Russian state-owned corporation. It is a niche product (and will remain so for the private user).

Ubuntu Touch (Ubuntu for phones), hmmm …
Firefox OS, hmmm …
PureOS (Librem 5 fromPurism ), hmmm …

/e/OS will find its place after the two big Player OS’s and have more installations than LineageOS and LineageOS-for-mircoG combined. The near future will prove it …

Hi @jeromel63 agree that Linux should be used and am a fan of the Linux club myself. The problem is Hardware + app support + easy availability + local support + budget prices are all important factors for a mobile OS. For now android is the only OS that meets all these criteria. Without it the smartphone is not of much use to any of us. So for now we have to be happy with Linux on our PC’s and Android on our smartphones :frowning:

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