Why we are looking free of google OS

why we are looking for google Free OS.my aim is to just learn about it .not to critise the /e/ team

Hopefully with some reading on Google data collection such as

you’ll have a better understanding of the motivation to create Google-free operating system and Google-free services.


One word answer:Privacy
Google provides excellent ecosystem and truely worldclass apps. But it comes at the cost of your privacy. The other equally compelling alternative is iOS which is prohibitive in terms of cost in many parts of the world. I think what @GaelDuval is trying to do is to create an alternative to Google and iOS using non proprietary FOSS app ecosystem eventually over a period of time.


Google makes money off of your data. They said so:

Since the pre-installation of Google Search and Chrome together with our other apps helped us fund the development and free distribution of Android, we will introduce a new paid licensing agreement for smartphones and tablets shipped into the EEA.

I have read that it will be about $40 for manufacturers to choose to exclude Google Search and Chrome from an Android build if you include other Google apps. As a business model that would be considered the revenue lost from not having these apps on an Android phone.


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