Wi-fi calling switch button not found

Dear all,

First of all thank you /e/ team. What a great idea it is to ship refurbished phones, and to work on an un-googled OS.

I’ve just received my refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7, preloaded with /e/ and I’ve been so far very happy with it.

There is just one little thing, but maybe I am too stupid to find the correct setting, or perhaps I must use a different phone app.

I’ve just heard of the concept of wifi calling, and would love to be able to use it. This feature is supported by my mobile network provider, and the Galaxy S7 should actually have a switch for it. I just fail to find it on my present setup.

Anybody can tell me where this wifi calling switch is, or alternatively, what phone app would provide it?

Thanks and best wishes

Unfortunately I cannot answer your question as I am a new user myself.

I wish to use the same feature and hope that someone sees this thread and has the knowledge to provide some guidance.

Thanks and regards

I have not used this feature but if you type wifi calling in setting you should be able to reach the place where it is located on your phone.
On my test Pie /e/ build I see it under Setting >> Network & Internet >> Mobile network >> Wifi calling

Dear @Manoj , Thanks for your reply but I am unable to locate this section on my phone.
In Settings I have the following sections:

  • Wireless & networks
  • Device
  • Personal
  • System

I have tried searching for “wifi calling” and “internet” but nothing was found.
Could you please further advise me.
Thanks and regards

I do not have a S7 so not exactly sure but can you check if you have this setting
Settings > Connections > Advanced Calling and wifi calling under it.

Thanks @Manoj but this is the site where I have figured out that wifi calling can be used on the S7 device. I have used this feature before and would like to able to do it on this phone.
Is there a chance to get this feature incorporated in a future update since your test phone has it?

@achu Have you figured out in the meantime how to enable this function?

I was testing on a Pie build and had this by default. Have to check if this is OS specific. Certainly if it should be available on your OS and phone it should show up do not think the /e/ ROM is disabling it. Will have some one from the dev team check this and get back.

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@Ors can you confirm if wifi calling is available in your area on your sim / network ?

I am in Switzerland using Salt as the mobile provider. Before my ePhone I had an iPhone 6 Plus which could be enabled to use wi-fi calling. For further details: https://www.salt.ch/en/wifi-calling/
Thanks for looking into this matter.

Hello Ors,

No, I still haven’t found out where the setting for wifi calling is on my S7! And I am also still interested in it!

Just like you, I have been looking under Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks and all sub-menus (Data roaming, Preferred network type, Connected line identification, Access point names, Network operator). Still can’t see it anywhere.

Best wishes,

Just to confirm you are testing the same sim with the same plan on the S7 and it is not showing the wifi calling… Sorry for all the questions but was checking with the dev team and was asked to confirm

Dear Manoj,

Thanks for taking an interest in our little problem!

At this stage, I need to clarify something: are you actually saying that we would only SEE the wi-fi calling setting if we have Mobile Data ON (and suitable data package/provider)?

I must admit that I was assuming that I would SEE the setting somewhere, and that it would be grayed out or marked “unavailable” if, well, not available.

My search for this setting has always been while on my home wi-fi, and not while on the mobile data provider network . I can try to look for it while on the mobile provider network, but I’m presently abroad, so it will have to wait a few days.

Best wishes,

Do not have much details on this as yet but I am assuming the network would be important in providing this service. That being said ideally if it is not available the feature should be greyed out. Also do not remember seeing this when I was on the oreo build.

Since the instructions on the salt.ch website suggest that you put the phone into airplane mode, I believe it is clear that no mobile data is required - the idea is that you use the wi-fi network and no mobile service.
Concerning your question @Manoj I have not changed my plan nor SIM since I have changed to the /e/ phone.

It seems Wifi calling feature is not available in S7 with /e/ nougat ROM.

Alright, thanks for clearing that up. Maybe it could be proposed as a desirable feature in the future!

Best wishes,

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Thanks for your answer @Manoj

Perhaps for the upgrade…?

We are planning OS upgrades for a few devices including some to Pie. Once I have more details on a schedule of when the upgrades will possibly happen I shall get back to you.

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Hi - I received my Samsung S9 plus yesterday and on the whole I’m really pleased with it. I applaud /e/ for their ethics and I’m keen to support them. However wifi calling is absolutely essential to me because we live in an area with no mobile signal (I have to go about a mile up the road to get a signal). I checked and my carrier (EE) provides it (I have it on my iPhone 6) and there are even instructions on their website about how to set it up on Samsung S9, so it should definitely work. However there is no option that I can see on this phone. Because of this I’m having to remove the sim from my Samsung S9+ and put it back into my iPhone 6 until this is sorted. I’d be very grateful for any updates. Many thanks.

Perhaps I should have said - I’m in Scotland, UK.