WI-FI Problem on GS290 after installation e/OS

I installed the latest version 0.19 after updating the GS290 firmware to the latest stock version and like many other users the wi-fi doesn’t work, I solved it by reporting original stock firmware and avoiding installing the latest OTA, I stopped to the penultimate and everything works regularmete But I would like to know why, because installing the latest version much more updated 745 MB and updating from there the firmware e/OS does not work correctly?

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Probably the libraries used by /e/ team to build are from original stock, not from the latest …

it is possible, however the installation instructions specify to update to the latest official firmware, but if you do this you have problems with wi-fi and BT

I suggest the first step to warn other users would be to add your observation to Gigaset - GS290 - gs290 - Documentation Suggestions

To inform devs please Report an issue

In this case you can flash the extracted boot.img from the stock rom - and in my case it helped. There are 2 new stock roms from 20211026 and 20211202.