WiFi calling not working

I have two Emerald 2e’s, one with stock Android and the other flashed with /e/.
I’m using T-Mobile through Red Pocket and the same Red Pocket APN for both phones.

WiFi calling is working on the stock Android phone, but not on the phone with /e/.

I have a good WiFi connection, WiFi internet is working well.

WiFi calling is provisioned and enabled under WiFi calling.

When I check the IMS Services Status on the phone with /e/, it shows IMS is registered, VoLTE is available, VoWiFi is unavailable, and both Video Calling and UT Interface are available.

Has anyone else had issues getting VoWiFi working on their 2e?
Is there a setting or something that I’m missing here?

Any help is appreciated,


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Update: I have opened an issue for this on Gitlab.