Wifi secured by EAP SIM not functioning

I need to connect to my internet provider Wifi (“Free mobile” in France) through EAP-SIM protocol.
I do not know if the fairphone 3 Dual Sim causes the issue, but I cannot select the SIM slot to be used by EAP Sim, and the Wifi finally never get connected.

Any idea?

PS: Nokia 1 running Android 10 (also dual sim) connects perfectly, and allows to select the SIM used.

check out this comment by Philippe / Kariboo92 in Aug 2019 on FreeWifi. The issue is unsolved, an open implementation still missing?

he looked at how Samsung implemented EAP-SIM, using some wpa_supplicant compile options and a smartcard 3rd party library (libpcsclite) to interface with the SIM. It’s the same what a user did on a normal Linux to solve it. It links an Android smartcard project that has precompiled packages, as I don’t know if psclite could talk to the HAL for the SIM of an Android. A android SE thread should be updated if anything new comes up.


Is FreeWifi_secure working with standard Fairphone OS?
Does android r solve the issue?

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in the FP forums, this wasn’t discussed for the FP3, only for the FP2: 🇫🇷 Pb avec freewifi secure - Fairphone 2 - Fairphone Community Forum and yes, seemingly was implemented for the FP2 (see changlog). Maybe start a thread there? not seeing a FP3+FreeWifi_secure post kind of makes me speculate it works with stockrom

I’m sorry I’m of no further help, cannot test EAP-SIM locally easily.

Yes, I can confirm FreeWifi_secure functions on FP3+ with FPOS (I’m running 8901.4.A.0012, Android 11).

However, I’m running /e/ (0.23) on a FP2 and it does not work in this configuration. One of my reasons for the FP2 is to prepare a move to /e/ on my main FP3 but this is a bit of a blocker. I’m happy to help with testing or in any way I might be useful. Though I’m partly a developer I haven’t worked on Android (yet :wink: )

This is not a problem for me, I can select the SIM alright, (in fact it gets selected automatically as there’s only one) but the phone then endlessly attempts to connect.

Here’s a link to a conversation I’ve had in the FP forum. In :fr:

Same problem for me, cannot connect to free WiFi secure anymore since migration with my FP3
Does someone know hie to make it work again ?

Hello, just a message to confirm that EAP-SIM works correctly on LibreMobileOS latest version for Xiaomi Redmi 10T lite (Gauguin) phone (Android 12)

And as LMODroid is based on LineageOS (just like e/OS) it should work.

(Note that I haven’t yet tested under e/OS).

Screenshot of LMODroid :

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interesting. Wonder where it’s implemented, but I’d rather guess it’s device specific (somwhere in vendor libs). If you have a logcat while you connect you get an idea what services are involved

I can no longer take a log because i just swapped this ISP for another.