Wileyfox Swift (crackling) has official LineageOS 17.1 support


Does that mean that a new /e/ OS version for this device is (easily) possible ? :slight_smile:

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It does. Building /e for devices that have official LineageOS support is in theory just a matter of running the Dcker script with the correct environment variables. It doesn’t always turn out quite so simple, but it’s definitely easier than building for devices with no LOS support.

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Thanks for the explanation ! I’ll keep my fingers crossed then. :wink:

By the way, is there any CI/CD feed somewhere to check the building (and availability) of new versions ?

I believe there is, but I think it is internal only, so only visible to the /e/ dev team. Even volunteer maintainers for officially supported devices aren’t allowed access to the /e/ internal CI/CD, so it must contain powerful magic :wink: