Will come an "e" operation system to personel computers?

hi all, just to note: there are already ARM based laptops out there (by qualcomm, its snapdragon 835 and 850 chipsets). They are still quite slow, but very likely the new 8cx chip by them will be a lot faster. This may offer possibilities for the future for developing an /e/ solution for PCs on these chipsets!

The idea of an /e/ OS for PC’s and laptops is the eventual long term goal. We start with the smart phone, then tablets and finally PC’s. That will take some time though.

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Yes!!! :joy:
This is amazing. Currently I use Ubuntu OS. But I am beginning to even suspect it!

That would be very weird. U better suspect the apps u have running on it. Linux ftw!

That’s right… I guess you’re right.
But the system can still leak infos.
BTW,Linux is awesome.

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H-Have you never heard of Linux? If you’re really touchy on privacy, use Tails or something and get a VPN.

one manufacturer of this rather interesting cheap devices is pine64, which do not only offer the PineBook and its already announced successor, but also work on a PinePhone (expected release: late Q4, 2019), which IMHO looks like the most promising affordable open source friendly phone hardware project out there right now.

all of this pine products are based on very similar hardware – e.g. more or less compatible to each other --, have rather satisfying linux upstream support and are really interested in cooperation and adoption by other open source projects and development efforts.

supporting experimental ports of /e/ on this devices would IMHO be very useful for both projects – i.e. make the benefits of this particular hardware development available to a wider community just as the progress of all the /e/ improvements would strongen the other side.

That’s an interesting project, it would be very nice to have /e/ on Pine64, Olimex and other ARM laptops (and Pine is working on a smartphone too).

And look, Pine64 founder just sent one laptop to us:

Now we need to find the good engineers to work on this project.


It should not be limited with only ARM personal computers.It should come to X86 personal computers too.
Also you can bring that to Raspberry Pi versions.

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Yes there are so many more X86 personal computers too. That is so important.

well, only as an advice, right now, you can install Linux mint Cinnamon, xfce, that comes with the hability of sync with nextcloud servers. I did it with e-cloud, and now data between my phone and my laptop are secured and synced. You have a lot of apps for most of all that you need to do. Not perfect, but a good start.
But if you are asking for an android laptop, maybe a good one could be a tablet chuwi 2 in 1. has android + win10, but there are a lot of tutorials to wipe w10, and install a custom android rom.
But i think that my first choice is the best. Performance+secure data+free software.

As android desktop mode is now included by default in AOSP (still in beta for Android Q) . /e/ can work on a “samsung dex” like experience for the /e/ launcher using the pine laptop. So when Android Q AOSP version will be out, /e/ will be already ready to concurrence Google Android phones on the desktop mode feature, with pre-installed apps (and more open source apps) already optimised for desktop usage.

Check this link

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Thanks.It seems e Os will come to pc’s finally :)I want it very much because I will change Windows on my computer.I will use e OS instead of Windows 8.1.

You can use Linux now.

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Yes, please don’t use Windows junk… Get Ubuntu or some other Linux!

Linux Mint suits best for Windows users, i think.

Fully agree. I see no added value to work on porting /e/ on PC.
There are quite enough Linux distributions available that are doing the job.
/e/ developpers shall concentrate their efforts on mobile phone target. There is enough tough work for them.

hmm i don’t agree with this @christophe14 , i think the Android experience on PCs for regular users is much smoother than the Linux experience (i work on Linux mint at the moment and have done so for the past months and am a ‘regular’ user i think, i.e. not so good with IT), so i think there is a lot to gain by having an /e/ for PCs!