Will there be a 2021 roadmap?

In November 2019 Gael posted a roadmap in which the team outlined what they were hoping to achieve in 2020. Up to this point no similar roadmap for the year 2021 was made available.

Although a few goals are yet to be achieved, (famously, but not solely the whole “what-should-/e/-be-called” issue) I believe that the community would happily welcome an updated version of such a roadmap.

Will such a roadmap be made available, or does the old one still serve as the latest issue, due to the fact that a few goalposts set up in the 2020 version a yet to be reached?

I would regret it very much, if that was the case, because the Project has evolved a great deal since November 2019, (The launch of the /E/asy installer, the cooperation with Fairphone and many more) and that naturally different goalposts will have emerged with that development.

In any case, a big “Thank You!” to the whole team for their excellent work.



It is not a roadmap but …


Thank you, it does help in staying up to date!

As shared by @tyxo you can follow the weekly updates in this category.
We will also come out with a comprehensive Roadmap for 2021and share with all


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