Wonderful -- All Notes Suddenly Missing from Teracube

Am running /e/OS 0.22-20220307169166.

Had perhaps 30-40 Notes stored on the phone; used the app regularly, usually a few times per day, adding or editing info in a few of the notes, maybe deleting one or two. Just went to open the app, from the main screen, and no notes appear in the Notes window, nor within the “All Notes” or “Favorites” sections. None, zero, zip, zilch, nada.

Tried to select “Deleted Notes”; laboriously got through to my Murena.io account, and the notes on there (17 in all?) are most recently from June 2023. AFAIK I have never manually synced notes from the phone to the Murena site, so I have no idea how those 17 notes are even there. Oddly, some of these are ones that actually had been on the phone – up until just now, that is – and others are ones that I deleted from the phone months ago.

In the “Storage” page for the Notes 1.0.1 app, it says there is 119kb for “User Data”, and ~49kb for the Cache.

Any possible ideas for restoring these Notes?

I simply cannot understand why/how all these notes would simply disappear, and why/how, if some of these (at least as recently as June 2023) somehow “migrated” to the Murena.io cloud “on their own”, then why didn’t ALL of them do so?

I should mention that I have read through the handful of previous postings relevant to this topic, among them one regarding a “NextCloud error” and another from a user in Germany, within the past 8-10 months. I am afraid that I will have no idea whatsoever on how to deploy the “two line” method, or TWRP, or other in-depth solutions that require working at the system level, so if that’s how deep we might have to dig, I guess I can say forget it, bye-bye carefully curated notes…

I hate to say, but with this phone, it feels like I am always waiting for the next thing to simply stop functioning the way it “normally” does or did. And I don’t ask anywhere near as much of it as many forum members here obviously do; I only wish to make and receive calls and texts, jot down a few notes, and check the web for a few things two or three times per day, max.

As such it is mystifying why simple, daily use should come with soooo many obstacles. I hate to say this even more, but this whole user experience has been a definite downgrade from the iPhone POS that I had previously had. Heck, I would gladly take back my LG500 dumb phone, with its real, actual, usable, physical keyboard, if I could. So, so, so disappointing overall.

There have been a number of issues with Notes in the past (some you rread) but there are probably too many threads to search through.

You, however, are so far behind that any issues and fixes have come and gone.
I am not on the latest of anything on my Teracube. /e/OS 1.14-r and Notes 3.7.1.

Not sure it’s fair to complain so harshly given the outdated nature of your setup (but at the same time I run older Android Oreo and Pie and expect them to operate “normally”). Though the sudden loss of notes would make anyone ticked off.
I am not sure of the possibility of restoring notes since they seem to be unavailable in the cloud.

Maybe check the following if you haven’t already.

Notes on phone that wouldn’t sync lost after OS update. Any hope of recovery?

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