Wy android10 for a long time?


Ask why does my Fairphone3+ still have Android 10? while android 11 and 12 have been rolled out for a long time.
I had expected yesterday at the new update of 0.23 that more things would change. /e/ os gives me the idea that we stay in old software for a long time.

Or do I see that wrong? if so who can explain to me what /e/os still uses Android 10?
And why ?

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  • First of all : official OS for FP3(+) is also still on Android 10
  • Second : OS upgrade is not easy and the /e/-team is still building a lot of experience here.

Hopefully FP3(+) will be next…

Because you didn’t install the Android 11 (R) beta … https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/

Because Android 10 is still actively supported by Google concerning security updates … https://source.android.com/security/bulletin/ … but even if not, vendors could still decide to backport important patches to older Android versions themselves.
A version number doesn’t make an OS “old” by itself. Support for it does, if anything, but support for Android 10 is still there.

I wouldn’t hold my breath.
I would be content with Android 11 getting out of beta, and the upgrade guides getting fixed so that they work. OTA upgrades to new major versions might look convenient, but they can still fail or cause awkward trouble afterwards. They are only offered because users demand them. The developers preparing them simply can’t test all possible states phones out there might be in, so they can only do their best and then cross all available thumbs that the resulting trouble remains in manageable bounds.

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