X86/64 for PC usage

I have seen lineage x86 available in the repos. A search on distrowatch revealed nothing readily.
This proposal could open a whole new world of users and development.
A rom building environment could be implemented within with a user friendly GUI. Adb Droid is already available.
This proposal may support this development.
It will bring us the front door of many people who maybe don’t play with their phone software. It will definitely increase traffic on the servers.

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There are already 2 laptops on the /e/ device list :

@piero Lineage 13 just a quick look I understand. I see they’re working on what I think is Chromebooks

Might be my first build when I get ready to go

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It would be great to establish some kind of collaboration with Android-x86 project:

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Our friend and ex-forum-member @Harvey186,
has released a LeOS test build for x86

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