/e/OS on laptops, PinePhone

/e/ on laptops, PinePhone support…

Our great team of /e/ engineers has started to work on various ports of /e/OS, including support for several new smartphones and also some… laptops!

By porting on the PineBook, we are exploring the possible benefits of having a desktop OS too. It would support many already existing applications, while staying open source, fully unGoogled and better for users in term of privacy.

The PineBook is an affordable laptop based on the AllWinner CPU, made by Pine64, a US-based company that was kind enough to send us one laptop for development. Next, we will probably port to Olimex laptops, which are available as kits in the EU, and have the same CPU architecture as the PineBook.

Last but not the least, we are very interested in porting to the upcoming PinePhone, which will be an affordable open source hardware smartphone.

Stay tuned on this and tell us how you like (or not) the idea!


Yeah, please, do it. Especially the PineBook will enhance your reputation.


A laptop /e/OS is interesting but my I’d prefer to stick with mobile devices for now since most of us are looking for alternatives to Android/iPhone. That said, I’m fully onboard on bringing /e/ to PinePhone as well!


So why would I use eelo instead of some Linux distro on my laptop.

We will share details of what comes with the /e/OS once it is released. That being said it is always for you to decide what you want to use on your laptop.


Take my Olimex Teres A64 laptop kit for example, only distro that seems to run ok without any major drawbacks is Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS, Teres edition (what it comes packaged with). So the possibility of /e/ as an option for it would be great and get more life out of it. As it’s a great little DIY laptop kit.

Well that depends on what u have tried on ur laptop. If u need small non demanding Linux distro’s there r several options. Maybe u have tried them I don’t know, but check this link for a couple of options:


This is interesting to read your comments. So, why an Android-based OS for a laptop instead of a Linux distribution?

There is a simple reason for that: although Linux distributions are great, they often miss something useful: application support.

One thing I remember when doing Mandrake Linux, is, we tried to convince people that they could use Gimp instead of Photoshop, or KDEnlive instead of Premiere. This kind of things. And this did not succeed, because, obviously, graphists are using Photoshop, and video editors are using Premiere and similar professionnal applications.

It was the same story with Firefox OS: the lack of supported applications killed the project.

That’s the reason I think using Android as a base, for phones, but also for other devices like tablets and laptops is the way to go if you are seeking acceptation from a large number of users, individuals, professionnals, industry customers.

Another reason, is that probably, we can eventually start to offer a kind of integration of /e/OS accross various devices like smartphone and PC, to retrieve the same environment and data on your phone and your desktop PC or laptop.


Ps I’m buying the Pinebook the second it becomes available with /e/!

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I love this idea. I’m a mainstream user, not an it expert, and I’ve tried Linux, but to be honest it’s complicated for a non-expert. The idea of having an /e/ laptop version, that is as easy to use as a Chrome book, sounds great to me. + it would allow for use of all apps in the Android ecosystem + for a streamlined experience between my /e/ phone and laptop. Great idea!!!


Hmm, that is interesting. I must say that I have not thought of that. This could be the missing link between privacy VS usability.

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Thanks for the suggestions, Trouble is my Olimex (as well as Pinebook) has a ARM processor so that really limits supported options. So far I’ve tried Xubuntu 18.04 LTS, Armbian: upstream Debian edition & Armbian: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS-based. All of which would have some sort of sound or wireless connectivity issue at the very least.

An interesting idea that may be a good idea, but I must confess I am skeptical for a couple of reasons.
Personally I am not interested in using any Android flavor on a laptop. With a physical keyboard and no touch screen I want a more general purpose OS with a multitasking desktop and apps not optimized for touch. Using Android feels like wearing handcuffs. Maybe I am missing something.
My other concern is diluting the core mission of /e/. If /e/ can be ported to Pine without diluting developer effort on phones, that is great. I became a supporter 2 years ago to bring privacy to phones and that objective is not yet realized. I fear the project may lose focus if it branches too much. Still waiting for version 1.0 and for Pie to officially come to my device.

Overall the project and it’s people are great! This is meant to be helpful, not critical.


I agree that a consistent environment between mobile and laptop devices with the ability to run all the apps in the app store on a laptop is a good idea. I appreciate the desire to keep up to date with new devices but I wish there were more support for older devices, particularly the older Samsung GTP5?00 7/10 inch tablets (espresso3g,espressowifi). After replacing the bloated Samsung distribution with something else and unable to go back my GTP5100 is now stuck on KitKat and still tied into Google. So far I have only installed e/OS on a Sony Xperia Z5 that I bought 2nd hand expressly for that purpose and I suspect that people will want to install it on older devices to try it out rather than replace the distribution on a new device. So supporting older devices will breath new life into them and allow people to try e/OS on an old device that they might otherwise throw away.


Perhaps for after the pine :slight_smile: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/08/samsungs-new-galaxy-book-s-laptop-is-built-around-qualcomms-snapdragon-8cx/

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/e/ for the PinePhone would be great

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@Rik’s idea with Galaxy Book S is good and obvious, but the price difference between PineBook and Galaxy Book S is enormous.

A new Galaxy Book S and a still reletiv unknown /e/ OS should not be easy to sell. Maybe later, when the price drop has started or when there are used devices …

no, i do not share this opinion.

typical mobile apps are so much inferior regarding their actual capabilities and usually crammed with trackers and other spy mechanism, so that i would never see them as an attractive alternative to real linux desktop applications even on this kind of rather weak arm64 devices.


I agree there.
If /e/ becomes a new Linux distro, then ok. If it’s just am effort to push the portability of mobile apps onto a laptop… Why? :man_shrugging:t2:

Any sneak peaks yet @GaelDuval?

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