XA2 (H3113) system update fails to boot; hangs on black screen

If I remember correctly, the last system update to this device was via OTA, nice and easy, phone now on e-0.9-o-20200430052057.

The first install of e was very troublesome and I couldn’t have managed it without the Lineage and Sailfish installation instructions. Even though it worked in the end I couldn’t reproduce the steps I went through and I decided that I wouldn’t like to have to try to do the same again!

Yesterday another system update presented itself as a download (e-0.9-o-2020051454222) and I followed the prompts to install it but it failed to reboot properly, ending up with a black screen just after the ‘unlocked bootloader’ splashscreen. I tried to put it into fastboot mode but it wouldn’t work until I forced the power off with vol up/power and wait for three vibrations.

After flashing TWRP again I could reboot on Slot B to the 20200430 version, so that was ok…but I’m left wondering what the problem was with the update?

Also, what’s the reason for the different methods of subsequent system updates?

Any help with this would be much appreciated.


I am quite interested as well… I would like to understand if there are issues with the new updates, as it was quite complicated for me (inexperienced user) to flash for the first time. This is why I am still stuck to an old version (with some issues, please see https://community.e.foundation/t/sony-xa2-h4113-call-history-sms-templates/11145/4; have you experienced the same?) , but I would like to understand what are the improvements with the new releases (not found a list of changes).

Thank you in advance.

Call history has not shown any problems on my device…as far as I know! But then I haven’t used mobile much during the lockdown. Most calls are on landline or conference on laptop. SMS templates sound like a good idea, but I don’t know anything about that for e or any other OS.

More background info: I first installed e on this handset to version 2020041649925. All seemed good, no real problems to report.

A couple of weeks later an update arrived that I remember as an OTA. This was version 20200430, the version that I am still on now and looking like I may be stuck on unless this problem can be solved.

The update I’m having problems with was notified as an available update for download , as I said in my original post; I just followed the prompts to install and reboot and it didn’t work. I’m wondering if it has something to do with the A/B slot structure? This is something I really don’t understand.

I also have an OP3T with e on it. I used to run ubuntu touch on it but was looking for an alternative OS and thought I’d give e a go. Installation was easy and described very well on the e documentation. I tried it out as my daily phone and was very impressed with the OS, and I still am. Updates come in quite often and installation is straightforward, no problems, but I note that twrp is part of that process.

This does not seem to be the case with the XA2: the first ‘OTA’ update successfully installed without noticing the phone go into recovery and the second update only got as far as the ‘unlocked bootloader’ screen before blacking out.

This morning I tried booting into recovery on both phones with the power off and using button press combos.
OP3T has TWRP recovery but the XA2 has lineage recovery. Does this mean anything? I don’t know, but the main question remains…

Why does one update work and the next one not?

Thank you for sharing your experience.

A/B slot structure is still a mystery to me (as well as rooting, TRWP and so on by the way), therefore, before updating, I would like to make sure there is an easy way to perform a full backup which I can easily restore if I have an issue. If you have any suggestion, I would appreciate it.

Thank you

Screwed up my phone over the weekend, couldn’t get e back on it: splash screen with red warning triangle, corrupt device, turning off in 5 seconds, lol. Should have left well alone.
Saw an interesting post on the Francais forum this morning

I should have spotted that How To earlier :grimacing:
Too late now. Rescued the phone (it’s my daily driver) with Sailfish and will stay there for a while.

I’m still following the e project with interest (I have it installed on an OP3T) and wish it well.
Looking forward to the new name. I hope!

Hello, could someone help me please??

After another difficult process I have now restored the XA2 to the state it was in when I started this thread, that is: it is now running e-0.9-o-20200430052057

The journey to get here was:

  • Return device to Android 8.0 via Androxyde FlashTool with firmware from xperifirm

  • Install e-0.8-o-2020041649925 via twrp and follow /e/ install instructions, lineage install instructions. Rebooting system put the phone in a boot loop again (same as my first attempts on this device)

  • Then tried what had worked before, which was to catch the lineage recovery screen as it briefly showed up in the boot loop and do a factory reset. Note: this was not easy as it often showed for less than a second. I got locked out of the device twice with the ‘your device is corrupt’ splash screen and automatic shut down

  • Factory reset from lineage recovery succeeded, now running /e/

  • After allowing phone to rest (and me) I downloaded two ota system updates in the updater on the phone and selected e-0.9-o-20200430052057 which had worked before. Updating was successful and this is now the current state of the phone.

And this where I am now asking please for some help. Trying to keep a long story short, after plenty of trials and testing, I am convinced that /e/ is the best os for me; it’s the best of android. I’m running it as daily driver on a OP3T with Kiss launcher and it’s great; but my ambition was always to have a newer and smaller phone, hence the Xperia XA2.

So my question is really: How can I progress from here? The next update will bork the phone. I’ve tried it before and so have others (see the link to the French forum above) but no further help seems to be forthcoming for us two at least.

Actually, is the phone still supported? Or is it going to be dropped in the near future?

Some more information would help us keen users to make better choices for moving forward.

Thank You.