XA2 ultra (H4213) support?

Hi there!
The idea of this project is very nice! Is there any possibility to install the OS on the XA2 ultra (H4213)?



Should be possible since it’s LineageOS supported (PIE) version. PIE is not fully ready yet though.

but is there any ROM i can test on my XA2 ultra, without bricking it?

No not at the moment. You can ask @Unknown he offered to build ROM’s in this topic.

I wrote there


This is my vote for XA2 Ultra (H3223) build.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I vote for support on XA2 Ultra H3213 and H4213! Thanks

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I vote for it. (I also added a :heart: to first post).

I vote for support on XA2 Ultra H3213 !!!

come on guys, whats about official support? :slight_smile: