Xiaomi devices without Xiaomi unlock process... others than Mi A1?

Which Xiaomi devices do not require the annoying Xiaomi unlock process?

For now I know only one: Xiaomi Mi A1.

Any others?

I have bought 2 Mi5sPlus and 1 Mi5s. All where unlocked by default.
My Redmi Note 4 and Redmi 5 where locked :frowning:

Pardon the necromancy, but does not the Xiaomi Mi A2 Global version come unlocked as standard? That is a phone worthy of being on the supported devices list.

Hi @StigtriX please can you add device suggestion here .We have a poll on that thread, where devices with the most user suggestions, get preference for support.

In the meantime I have bought around 10 xiaomi devices, all with global MIUI, but only 3 where unlocked.
You can check it easy. When booting a unlocked device in the black screen is the MI logo and on the bottom is written 'unlocked ’ if there is written ‘android’ you bootloader is locked.

It would seem that some vendor can previously unlock the bootloader, if requested. Some others even if not requested

not some vendor, some devices :wink:

and by the way, the bootloader unlock on XIAOMI devices works very easy. The only worst thing is, that you must have a Windoofs PD :frowning:

also some vendors because u can find the same device lock/unlock: you can check the web by searx. All device come out of the factory locked by Xiaomi

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Thank you for your answers. I have added both the Mi A2 and the Mi A2 Lite to the suggestion thread. Since the Mi A2 is not officially supported at the moment, would it make sense at all to install the non-specific version of /e/ os? I really want to get rid of Google’s sweaty hands…


unfortunately we do not support the Mi A2 yet


Hi @StigtriX not sure what you mean by non-specific version but if it means the MiA1 /e/ ROM which is available on the site then that will not work for your device. As you may be aware you can even end up bricking your device by using a different ROM from the one built for your device.
Since you have already added your device suggestions to the list please wait for the device ROM to be built and shared on the /e/ site here

Arghh, too bad, I hate being spied on, and Mi A2 also has bootloader unlocked. Fingers crossed !