Xiaomi Flash tool for Linux

Great flash tool, basically the same functions of XianoMIflash.exe for windows. Tested on Ubuntu Mate 19.4 and Linux Mint. Flashes .tgz compressed roms.

MiFlash for Linux


Looks amazing!! Thanks for the link!

why is it needed ? I have just downloaded latest MIUI for my bricked device, extracted all, opened termial and use

and all was flashed and now my device is up again


I had used this software tool some time back to test . I think it locks the phone after flashing - not sure about it. This is the one unfortunate scenario where it helps to have a windows PC nearby with MiFlash installed :frowning:

Well I didn’t post the link if didn’t use and test it before.

It’s only a tool. you must decide to use it or not. Am I wrong?


I never used MIUI :no_mouth:

I understand but when I wrote tested I mean it. Flashed four different roms before write the post and they worked fine.

thanks @Erekozefor your link, very usefull :slight_smile:

I am not saying you are wrong - sorry if I was not clear in my post. I was also able to flash the ROM with the tool - what I wanted to know is if it provided you an option to keep the device unlocked. I remember it had locked my phone after the flashing and I had to again run adb to unlock it.

That’s why I prefer the ‘normal’ linux command. With it you can decide what you will flash. There are several .sh -files ind the packed file which can be flashed by ‘fastboot xxxxxxxxx.sh’

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I gotta say simply “me too”.

About your doubt: I flashed the full rom. It locked the bootloader only when you do the specific flashes (the other two options) but not with full rom flash. If I read correctly.

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Thanks for the info @Erekoze

@Manoj Yes, it locks the phone after flashing if you have selected “Clean all and lock” in the right back corner of the app (selected by default) on Windows.

there is also a flash_all.bat which don’t lock your device. Under Linux you can use flash_all.sh

See my screenshot, that’s this one selected.

Flash in progress.

if you open the zip and open the sub folder,you will find all .bat and .sh scripts

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Thanks @harvey186 I have never tried flashing the stock with the flash_all.sh in linux. Had to find a windows PC to get this done through MiFlash :frowning:

It’s much easier as using a winPC :wink:

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Hi @AerisOne I am aware of the MiFlash tool options in windows. We were checking on flashing in Ubuntu or other linux flavors.