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The first section of the install documentation sais

It is important that you know that downgrading Smartphones on OS versions greater than the /e/OS OS version you plan to install, can cause instability or at worst brick some devices. We recommend that you check your current OS version, before attempting the installation.

I know, that the android version of the smartphone is 12. I do not know, how to compare this version to the e/OS/ version number, since the numbering scheme is “1.4, 1.3, etc.”. It would be nice if the documentation would explain how I can ensure to not downgrade the OS.

Hi @loerki welcome to the /e/ forum.

From Install /e/OS on a Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G - “monet” we see

Downloads for the monet

the most recently published /e/ ROM is

see also e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers?

Android version R = 11 here is the significant thing for you.

The warning is telling you not to make /e/ force a downgrade of Android version (from S = 12). You should search how to downgrade Android version within the Xiaomi environment. Once your device is running Xiaomi Android 11, the install of /e/ will be fine.