Xiaomi mi 6 - install Oreo over Pie custom ROM?

Hi, I got a second hand Xiaomi Mi 6, unblocked, with TWRP and a xiaomi.eu Custom ROM installed (not the original stock ROM), Pie version. If I want to install /e/ (which I guess is Oreo), can I do it over a Pie custom ROM?



Oreo build over Pie will most probably send the device into a bootloop. Seen this on a Xiaomi MiA1 even when the Oreo is stock ROM.

Thanks @manoj, I thought that was just a Xiaomi Mi A1 problem. As far as I looked, I think Xiaomi Mi 6 won’t have any downgrade restrictions such as Mi A1, but I prefer to ask you, in case someone has this device and knows any issue.

Thans in advance

Hi! I downgraded the MIUI Pie version to Oreo, and installed /e/ Oreo but got into a bootloop anyway (initial /e/ animation starts, but when setting the phone it starts over and over again, so I can’t go to the next step. Anyone got the same problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance

Hi @graz this is an issue observed across multiple devices. You can see this was mentioned in this same thread if you scroll up. The only option on Xiaomi devices is to flash the stock Pie ROM through MiFlash and then flash any custom Pie ROM including /e/ . A revert to Oreo is not possible to the best of my knowledge. You will have to stick to Pie ROM’s on your device .

Thanks, Manoj. I guess using the MiFlash tool is completely necesary for the process to be succesful, right?

There is a Linux based option as mentioned here. You can also try out the flash-all.sh as mentioned in the same thread

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