Xiaomi Mi 9T Recovery mode in Chinese Help!

Hello everyone and happy new year,

I received my Xiaomi Mi 9T.
I started to install /e/OS. Everything is going well until I get into recovery mode to access Factory reset etc, everything is in Chinese.
I can’t go any further as I can’t read Chinese.

Please tell me, step by step, how I can switch recovery mode to English if possible ?
This is the first time I’ve had this problem on a smartphone.

Thank you very much for your help.

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I think Recovery will have a settings icon (gear?) [1].

Within, there should be a globe icon (old memory) to represent languages.

In Simplified Chinese English, is written 英国 or 英文

Tell me how you get on, or a screenshot before you get lost.

[1] Update, in case it helps, in TWRP Settings is written 设置 and the Globe icon within Settings is top right.

There is also a french topic about this problem: Xiaomi Mi 9T Recovery en chinois Help!.
I propose to continue here.

Thank you for your reply.

I didn’t see “gear”? I don’t know what it means.

I took a photo of the first thing I saw.

@smu44 can you help ? First you need to “Enter” … also at all times you need to know the back button !

That would be the standard Settings icon :gear:

Sorry, can’t read Chinese here :confused:
I proposed to flash latest global stock ROM in french thread.


Yes, it’s mine. I am here now. But my english is not the best ! :grinning:

In the recovery ? I look.

As soon as I enter the recovery, all I get is what’s in the photo above. I don’t have the settings wheel.

OK, I will stop guessing the situation; but I do not have an Xiaomi to follow along.

Sorry @smu44 I was only thinking of layout of the screen.

My guess top button would be Enter or Exit. but you already entered. Standby.

It is hard for me us to read … but

Selected item Restart the phone
Middle Clear data
Bottom Connect to Xiaomi assisrtant

I can try to help with assistant if you are brave. !

Il m’est difficile de lire… mais…

Élément sélectionné Redémarrer le téléphone
Milieu Effacer les données
Bas Se connecter à l’assistant Xiaomi

Je peux essayer d’aider avec l’assistant si vous êtes courageux. !

I’ll try to be brave.

I’ve also seen that the first three are :

  • Top: Restart phone,

  • Middle: Erase data,

  • Bottom: Connect to Xiaomi Assistant.

I think it’s the second one we’re interested in?

I’m ready, but maybe in the early afternoon? Time to eat? As you wish.

From @fougor

As you like. Top and middle button are predictable.

Some time you want to change language, I suggest, so Xiaomi assistant will fix this (I think !)

Comme vous voulez. Les boutons du haut et du milieu sont prévisibles.

Si vous souhaitez changer de langue, je vous suggère de le faire, l’assistant Xiaomi s’en chargera (je pense !).

Do you want to continue in English or French?

Do you think the assistant could solve the problem?

Once inside, how do you go about it?

English or French? --I will do both for the technical bits !

Yes, but be prepared to wait for answers; There is a Chinese expert watching the thread.

Oui, mais préparez-vous à attendre les réponses ; un expert chinois surveille le fil de discussion.

Okay, no problem, I’ll wait.

So you will have to hit the button first and show me what you see :smile:

Vous devrez donc d’abord appuyer sur le bouton et me montrer ce que vous voyez :smile:

After pressing Connect to Xiaomi Assistant.

So it is asking for a connection – go ahead if you agree with my interpretation of your photo.

Il demande donc une connexion - allez-y si vous êtes d’accord avec mon interprétation de votre photo.

I had already tried connecting the device to the computer, but nothing happened.

I tried on my Gnu/Linux Debian system and on an old Windows computer.

After a few seconds, the smartphone started up normally.