Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet

Would be fine to have an official ROM supported for this tablet.

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The Xiaomi Pad 5 (nabu) is not officially supported by the LineageOS Android Distribution (LOS): Thus, the chances of an official /e/OS are extremely low.

But don’t underestimate the quality of the so-called Unofficial CustomROMS from @ronnz98. If the device is running, they are on a par with the official /e/OS ROMs. Well, the update has to be done manually, but it is easy and without data loss.

UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 (nabu) for /e/OS-T by @ronnz98


And also would be great to have feedback if the ROMs works and what bugs are

Failed to install despite several attempts.

I started with MIUI last and HyperOs to be sure. I extracted from the payload.bin the boot.img dtbo and vendor_boot and flashed them in order. Rebooting in recovery only gives me a white line at the top of the screen and nothing else. I also tried flashing the 2 partitions (flash boot_ab boot.img etc), same result. I also tried sideload with twrp (without installing it): bootloop, finally with Orangefox installed (white line at the top and no Xiaomi logo). I went back to the Vanilla version of RisingOS (GSI) and now everything’s fine. I would have liked to install e/os/ but never mind. Let me know how you install e/os/, I may have missed something.

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@Xxpsilon : Did you ever try to flash this ROM?

I bricked my tablet during installation and still can’t get it to work again.