Xiaomi pocophone f1 camera app

Hello everyone,
Finally got a phone where I could install e and I am very happy!! :partying_face:
There’s a bug or two, but for now the most difficult is the camera app. When the camera app is open it shows a good image on the screen, but after shooting the picture comes with weird colors. looks like some channel info isn’t being processed well? See these images as example (mountain biking this weekend eheh)

Is anyone else experiencing the same? any known procedure to fix this?
Any help is very much appreciated! tks!

another example, screenshot of the camera app + photo shooted with default app + photo shooted with “HD Camera app”

Hey everyone, I still didn’t manage to fix the issue and honestly don’t known where it is. I did realise that taking pictures using the telegram app returns proper pictures. Anyone else had this issue?

Any help is very much appreciated!
BTW very happy with /e/ and pocophone. Battery lasts always 3days!

Actually now I am realising, shall I open a bug instead? Quite lost #using-e:applications

I had problems with it too. I changed some options and now its ok. But not on twitter. I noticed that when I took a picture in the twitter app that the problem was still there. Just on the normal photo app

It’s nice to see the time go by, it’s been already an year with /e/!

My camera solution has been the “simple camera”, but it’s up to a new phone’s standards and regular use. I tried the open camera but it’s also buggy.

So yesterday I downloaded a couple of “google camera” apk’s and this one seems to work:

Hope this helps anyone with the same issue on this phone to get decent images of their cam!
#pocophoneF1 #app-camera #xiaomi

I think it is a settings issue, i had it once on my redmi note 4, it was part of the hdr exposure and shutter as well as settings of how many pictures are talen for hdr if i remember correctly…