Xiaomi Redmi k20 / Mi 9T

Hi ! It will be great to support Xiaomi redmi k20 known in europe as Mi 9T


Hi I support Nikoleos’ suggestion.
I use a Xiaomi Mi 9 ans o am vert interested in getting /e/

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I support this too, for the 9T Pro, one of the best product in the market so it can be good to have it :smiley:


I upvote this too. I’ve got a Xi9 that I’m interested in installing /e/ on to. :+1:t2:

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Yes please. I have one Mi 9T Pro, and I’d love to replace MIUI !


Best Wishes for a Google Free 2020. Same device proposal as the small devoted group of Mi 9T/K20 owners/users over here. As soon as it is available I’ll be willing to give it a go… I must add here that I have very strong principles about “Big Brother is watching you to much”… So Bring Me the Freedom.

grtz elfraty

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Hi I also support Nikoleos’ suggestion.


Same here. I have a Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro. As soon as it becomes available I’m installing this. I had it before on my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 and it was awesome. Looking forward to seeing raphael support!


I’m interested in it too !

looking forward to redmi k20 to be supported!!!

Definitely would like e project on the 9t Pro :+1:t3:

Many thanks

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On Mi 9T Pro will be great!

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Hello /e/! Please support Xiaomi Mi 9T!

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I have a Mi9t too and would be happy to remove miui to install e instead)

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It would be very good if Xiaomi MI 9T received / e /. I am asking for it and I greet all the creators / e /.

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Hi, support for the Mi 9T would be fantastic!

New unofficial Q-build for Redmi Mi 9T (davinci)
Make a backup first and share your expierence.

Dead link now !

Still present on same platform by this link :

A new up-to-date Q-build…

Hi, I have a Mi9T pro as well. If I could install /e/os on my smartphone, i wouldbe great