Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 - kenzo - /e/ OS Pie

Looking forward to see kenzo running /e/ OS Pie :star_struck:
A legendary device, brought back to life by eFoundation. It is already running very well under /e/ OS Nougat.

Offcial Pie support for kenzo in other Custom ROMs

These links are provided in the hope of being useful for /e/ developers.

only official LineageOS Nougat sources avalable for this device.

I linked to each PIE custom ROM source code. They may be based on LOS, but if I am not wrong, each one of them has its own tweaks.

I have a Redmi Note 3, i bought it specifically(2nd hand via ebay) just to run /e/OS, my previous phone was a windows phone so this is my 1st android ever. so yes i support this post!

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Welcome to the club @freedapeoples :fist:

How’s your experience with /e/OS so far ?

Installed on my old device which my mom uses now.

Not having a first hand experience though. Checking up on it little by little.

Definitely a new life for the old phone which was my first smart phone.

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Nice move @omniDHTM!
I hope she’ll have a peaceful experience, away from ads and trackers ^^

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Haha. Yeah, else she would show me the long list of notifications and ask whether should click on this ad or that ad. :sweat_smile:

She uses facebook though. That kind of beats the purpose and as usual facebook consuming processes and RAM. But it’s her passtime anyway so I let her be.

It does gimme some control over the processes running around. Bliss launcher though is a bit glitchy but patience hasn’t run out with it yet.

i`m glad i chose the Redmi note 3 to install /e/OS as i was able to avoid alot of hassle in install by following a tutorial on youtube that bypassed the xiaomi unlock waiting period + he provided al the links for the tools he used. i think this is the easiest phone to install on. the tutorial is found in my discussion here.. The only downside about my Redmi Note 3 is how fast the battery drains, but i hear its a common problem. Its not a big deal as i use it at home so its always charging.

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Maybe your battery is old and needs to be replaced. If you can get a new one, replacing the battery on Redmi Note 3 is a breeze. You don’t need to unscrew even a single screw!

Here are some updates on available LineageOS unofficial builds for Kenzo

As usual, provided in the hope to be useful for /e/OS devs to make an /e/ Pie or Q build for kenzo.

Thxs for the Tip. When i purchased the phone from ebay the seller had mentioned there maybe a issue with the phone, as he had a draining battery issue, he said he replaced it with a brand new battery but the issue persisted which was great for me as i got it well below what others were asking for it. I had thought that switching to /e/OS would fix the battery as more app in the android had the google trackers etc. Battery has seen no change and still drains quick even with killing background apps in /e/OS. So must be the phone. Battery reads as healthy but drains from 80% to 2 percent by the following morning. Anyways it not a bother to me, i only use it for the dreaded whatsapp and riot messenger and light web surfing.