Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (mido)

Vote for Redmi Note 4 Pie support - as Lineage 16 for it exists

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Have a look in unofficial builds. There is a fresh build for mido

Sorry about it, didn’t find mido on newest “request a device” page so decided to open it (found out later the same topic exists)

I vote for Mido Pie version of /e/.

I m using unofficial version and very eager to see official Pie version or /e/ for Mido.


Vote for Q, not for Pie :wink:

Ok I vote for /e/ Q version for Redmi Note 4 mido. im eagerly waiting for.
I m using unofficially Pie version. Please someone update even unofficial Pie.


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I presume this isn’t Lineage 17 (Q) based, since latest Mido Lineage release is 16 (Pie), and /e/ draws it’s source from Lineage, or am I wrong?

You are wrong… it’s based on lineage-17.1 of course

If i install the Unofficial Q version of /e/ for mido, then will there any problem IF i revert back to Unofficial Pie or Nouget version??

Just make a backup with you’re installed recovery like f.e. TWRP and you will be fine

Ok thanks
If it not suits me then i will revert from Q version to Pie version.

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Will this Q based /e/ os be better than Unofficial Pie based /e/ os for Mido ? (which i have installed now: e-0.10-p-2020081167314-test-mido.zip)

That’s personal. But if people test the unofficial builds and give feedback about stability, the more chance they got to get on the official list.

Why do you use Q.13… not Q.01 ? And when does it get to v 1.0?

for the sake of curiosity.

Because 0.13 is the latest version with up-to-date sources. There is for now no v1.0 yet.

How and when do you count V 1.0 ? After what count ? for example 0.15 for example?


That’s not up to me. The e-dev’s team decide wether and when they release V1.0. So we can go as far 0.99 :crazy_face:

Ok ive installed Q unofficial. Now where to report the problems? and how?


You can share your experience in this section.

Issues you encounter you can file in this section.

Thank you for the feedback.