Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 - GINKGOIN

Hello dear /e/ community, I recently got the Redmi Note 8 and am amazed by the quality of it for the low cost. I would love for it to be supported by /e/ as I am interested in keeping my data private and out of the hands of google and the like.

It is currently running on the Android 9 based MIUI As the phone is new its still being maintained by Xiaomi with the latest patch being the March Security patch.

It is already supported by many custom ROMs:

As i only recently got this phone I am not aware of any errors.
Thanks for reading and enjoy your day!

P.S. I would have loved to link more ROMs but you can only add two links. :frowning_face:


I also got a Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 ( Ginkgo) , and i am also interested in installing /e/ on it. I heared about your project, in the MageiaOnline forum, for i am a Mageia’s user.
Thanks for considering this demand.

I’m also nicely surprised by the overall quality of this phone for the money.
I particularly like the LTE CAT-12 (600Mbps download) support. Blazing speed great for using as a HotSpot (wifi router for PC). Can’t wait for /e/ support for it.

Btw, I highly recommend this magnetic USB
cable to make your phone last (not wear out the port). Both charging and data transfer work fine. I love this inexpensive product.

@BBQtoast BQtoast so what ROM are you now running then?
I really want to run /e/ on my Redmi Note 8 too, but I guess we will have to wait.
I’m thinking of installing crDroid for now.

I would like to add my voice for the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T (willow).

The need for a good custom ROM for this phone is particularly pressing since the default MIUI Android does not just contain the usual Google and Facebook spyware. In my tests, it sent basically a detailed live broadcast to Xiaomi about every single move the user makes, including URLs visited in the browser, search terms, app launches and more, with multiple connections established each second. This data is sent to Alibaba Cloud servers in Singapore, as well as Amazon AWS servers. Not to mention forced ads and unsolicited news from MSN servers on the widgets screen, eating into the user’s data plan.

Furthermore, it is close to impossible to reliably run an app in the background under MIUI, rendering something like NoRoot Firewall ineffective.

On the hardware side, it is an excellent phone, especially considering the price. If it wasn’t for the rather sketchy stock software, I would thoroughly recommend it – so it would be a perfect candidate for /e/.

If there was some kind of crowd funding system in place for supporting ports to specific devices, I would be more than happy to contribute by the way.

Hello, sorry for my late answer. As of now I’m still using MIUI and am waiting for the update to MIUI 12 to test it out.

Any news on this topic? I would also be very interested in having /e/ support this phone :smile: I’d also be interested in reports of people running other ROMs on this phone.

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I also use this phone and will be mora than happy to have /e/!!!