Xiomi Redmi 8A e custom os needed

I have Redmi 8A without fingerprint sensor, 2gb ram. is there e os for the phone where can i get?

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which Android is installed ? Android 9 ? If yes, try ‘treble info’ app and check your device for treble support. If it is a treble device, you can use eOS Pie GSI

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Hey thanks for the reply, my current is in miui11 and android pie

Sounds good. So have a look here [HOWTO] install eOS GSI on a Treble device - new GSI added June 14th

Thank I will try, and let you know

HI, I have followed the instruction, after i flash twarp in fastboot

fastboot flash recovery twrp_v323-4_nitrogen_nijel8-MOD.img
Sending ‘recovery’ (39640 KB) OKAY [ 1.482s]
Writing ‘recovery’ OKAY [ 0.338s]
Finished. Total time: 1.894s

But i couldn’t go to recovery mode. if i press powerbutton + volume up it is going to fast boot.

Sorry, I have to edit the HowTo. This TWRP is for MINE MiMax3 nitrogen device. You have to use the TWRP for YOUR device.

So pls try once more, but than flash first your device TWRP. I hope than everything will work

OK, seems that crDroid officially supports it:

XDA 3ad: