Yalp unavailable since last update


Since last update Yalp disappeared from the application list. I think I installed it with TWRP right after Eelo.
Do I need to reinstall it via TWRP?


install yalp via f-droid pls.

But why was it removed via the update anyways?
I have the same issue (that yalp and f-droid system apps were removed by the last updates) and I really mind, that I can install apps without having to enable “allow unknown sources”.

Edit: those priv-apps were there for quite a while and survived many updates… so why were they removed now? (I think it’s since 0.5 updates)

Hi @fodinabor Yalp and FDroid are not system apps in /e/ ROM. I do not have either of them on my ROM. After you reinstalled them are they working?

yap… but I didn’t have to reinstall them after every update beforehands…

Here’s what I noticed. With /e/ I also flashed F-Droid & Yalp, Xposed, and a couple of other items. They all survived updates of v0.1 of the ROM. Items in addon.d were properly backed up and restored. However, with my first 0.5 update all of those items were gone including the entries in /system/addon.d/. I was not happy about that. Of course had to reflash the items lost.

So before updating to a later 0.5 build I need to know if the backup/restore function is broken, removed, or if that was just a one-time thing going from 0.1 to 0.5.

ZTE Axon 7, Nougat.

Hi @marcdw as you may be aware we just changed the ROM from beta to dev version. There are some important changes that are being made to the ROM to prepare it for the final release version. Non system apps can be impacted by these changes. Though this is not true in all case. I have installed some apps like whatsapp, twitter etc just to test this. But they were not impacted by the 0.5 OTA update. Fdroid and yalp are getting impacted. I had installed the apps as apks and did not go through FDroid which may be the reason why they are not impacted. This issue would be resolved once we have the /e/ app repository which is in its final development stages.


Thanks for the info. I forgot to mention that when I did first go from 0.1 to 0.5, F-Droid and Yalp were still present and ran since they had been updated at least once since they were originally flashed. So impact there was minimal. I did lose F-Droid Privileged Extension, hence the need to reflash my F-Droid package. I even had to reflash LOS superuser. Took me a bit to realize it was gone also. :hushed:
Now that everything is back in order I’ll flash the latest 0.5 and see how it goes.

I did an update of the ROM today and yes, backuptool is not working. Anything I flashed after the last update is gone as well as their contents in /system/addon.d/. I guess for the time being I have to remember to just flash everything after an update.

On another note, the inclusion of Bromite browser and webview was unexpected. I already have/use both in /e/ ROM (would manually replace system’s webview after ROM flash) so seeing it included is a good thing for me. Seems like the webview installation is based on Setialpha’s (of NanoDroid) installer.
What’s not good is not knowing that Bromite was going to be included in the first place. Might be a minor version conflict once I boot into the ROM. The removal of Jelly is all that’s mentioned in my device changelogs.

I echo the last statement in the following post. Need more info than the one post about eDrive & SMS changes.

@marcdw thanks for your feedback. There was a discussion on the forum about replacing jelly with another browser but that was some time back. Yes agree that there was no specific mention before the build rolled in about the changes it may have on the settings. Will ask the development team to give more details on the potential issues that can crop up with ROM updates for future releases.

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