You need the official WhatsApp to log in erroror message

Hello, has anybody experienced this problem? After a day on /e/os, WhatsApp stopped working and showed this error message. I wasn’t able to sign in even on another ROM or another phone. After one day, I was able to sing in on LineageOS, but as soon as I got back to /e/os, I got it again.

Hi _mm3, Yes I 've got the same (after I got blocked then allowed by meta).
Iin my case, I can login my account in an another smartphone (standard android) but it remains the same when I try to login in /e/
I tried to remove all filters (advanced privacy), to allow all in app parameters; nothing works
I will try an older version than and see if better…

Did you install Whatsapp from the App Lounge?
Package name should be : com.whatsapp

Yes I did!
In between I tried several older versions from uptodown and I got always the same message; “you need the official whatsapp app to connect”

I concluded they are checking for Play Integrity/SafetyNet.
I had the same problem on LOS and stock, until I made the phone pass with Magisk

That would be surprising as Whatsapp try usually to support as old as possible

I thing Android 4 was still supported last year

I’ve installed magisk
_mm3, Please, what modules did you add to pass whatsapp gates?

It really seems like Play Integrity. I tried it on LOS14. After installation I was getting the official app error message. When I installed the play integrity fix module in magisk, hid the magisk app, and checked WhatsApp in deny list, only then it started working.

They don’t do this to all users. Only for those that were “flagged”. Either by actually using an unofficial app, or just somehow randomly. There seems to be no way out.

Thanks _mm3
I did all as explained. No way. Still the same official app error message.
Next idea is welcome

On which ROM? /e/os or something else?

the installed rom is /e/ 2.1

I haven’t figured it out on /e/os. I couldn’t even check for Play Integrity. MicroG only supports some apps or something like that, I’m not sure. So yeah, there seems to be no other way than changing phone number

I just wanted to add my experience for posterity since I recently experienced the same.

I downloaded WhatsApp via the App Lounge and registered. After I sent my first message (through a web client), my account was shut down with a notice saying it had been flagged for spam. I submitted a request for review and a few hours later, the account was restored with a message saying it had “accidentally” been flagged along with an apology.

This is where I hit the problem others have described here where after entering my phone number to verify, I hit a message saying I need to use the official app. I uninstalled and reinstalled using the link to the APK download on the WhatsApp site and tried again, but same result. I then was able to log in via a Pixel phone I have running the stock OS and then added my main phone (a Zenfone 8) as a linked device. This then lead to me being flagged again.

I submitted another request for review with all the details and then the account was again restored with the same “accidentally flagged” language, however, I still had the same issue logging in on my main phone. I was able to log in again with it as a linked device, which has been working for about an hour now, but I don’t have much faith that I won’t be flagged again. I’ve also tried contacting their support directly, but it seems futile as I get what appear to be automated responses that say things like, “it looks like you’re asking about third-party apps and we don’t support them”.

Anyway, idk if this will be helpful to anyone, but I landed here after having the same issue. Hopefully whatever check WhatsApp is using can be implemented or stubbed out or (less likely) WhatsApp can realize that it is the official app and allow the login.

EDIT: Just got flagged and banned again. This time it was when I tried to search for a contact via phone number.