Yuka working on Galaxy S7 /e/OS 0.13

When I received my Galaxy S7 preloaded with nougat /e/OS 0.11, Yuka could not let me login. I updated yesterday to /e/OS 0.13 and Yuka works! Don’t know the reason why …

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probably thanks to the MicroG update.

Ok, need to update [Editable List of Apps that work or do not work with microG] then ?

Would be great if you could update that yeah :slight_smile:

Yuka doesn’t work for me even after upgrade to 0.13. I have a FP3.
The yuka version is 3.38

I have the same version of Yuka installed but on a Galaxy S7 running Oreo 0.13
FP3 is on Pie, that’s the difference I see.
Can you log in Yuka with mail credentials ? What happens exactly ?

In the meantime this maybe a bit of help:

OpenFoodFacts (Look up food ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts) - https://f-droid.org/packages/openfoodfacts.github.scrachx.openfood

Version Android: 10 (Q)
There can be different behaviors depending on from where you installed your application ? (Aurora Store or Apps) ?
I start the application, I click on “Connect with email”, the screen become black and the same screen as before is showed. If I cilck again then the application crashes.

Yes I installed this application meaintime, normally they started Yuka from the same database, but I think that now they don’t integrate to OpenFoodFacts their new articles and measures because I can’t find them.
Also Yuka announce a new feature to measure the environmental impact of a product, and it will be nice to have :slight_smile:

Anyway thanks for the proposal

I installed from Apps the very same version.
But I am on Oreo when you are running Q. Don’t know if other users running Q face the same problem.

Does anyone here have a problem with AutoFocus in the Yuka Application when trying to scan bar codes?
I need a couple of seconds until the autofocus is done properly to scan the bar code.
I am using a Fairphone 3 with latest /e/ OS build, maybe the problem is device-specific.