2021: Week wise OS upgrade and new Device release plan

The one plus 5 was on the above list to be upgraded to Q last week but as far as I can tell this hasn’t happened yet, any update on when this will happen?


From what i understand, the easiest way is:

  • root (install magisk zip with TWRP)
  • backup non app data (contacts, docs, photos, calendar…)
  • backup user apps+data (ex: OAndBackupX ROOT NEEDED)
  • clean install of “android Q + /e/” on top of current /e/
  • restore all apps + data
  • unroot
  • configure /e/

Knowing that the clean install step is the most complicated for a newbie, couldn’t this be done with an updated Easy Installer ?

Since it’s NOT an upgrade but a clean android Q installation + app/data restoration, it will be easier for all the early adopters who bought /e/ phones.

They will just start fresh with a virgin /e/ android Q and need to worry only about backup and restoration.

What do you think?

Best regards

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/e/ does not support the new navigation options yet, independent of the phone model: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/1949

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they were working on my pocophone f1 with /e/ q but i cant remember what exactly i did to activate it… but eventually it showed up in the gestures menu in the settings…

Ok, just a “simple” question (can anyone help?): I recently bought a Galaxy S9 (used). The latest stock ROM (Android 10) is already installed there !! I want to install / e /.
That wouldn’t have been possible with 0.13, right? But now with 0.14 is it possible? I don’t want my phone to be a brick. So, do I have to return it (is still possible) or can I install / e / there, maybe even with easy installer? I am happy to wait until mid-March or so, if necessary.
So it works with / e / 0.14, precisely because this new release starts from Q? Or did I misunderstand something?

Hi @Matop, your Galaxy S9 with Stock Android 10 and e-0.13-q-2021012097133-dev-starlte are made for each other.

A version e-0.14-2021xxxx-starlte is currently not available if you trust the /e/ downlaod page.

If the /e/asy installer loads the correct files, which has not been the case in the last few days, it can contribute to the success of the /e/installation.

To each their own. It is well known that many roads lead to Rome …

OK thanks. Maybe a bit misleading. What my question was actually aimed at: If my S9 had Android 9 or even 8 installed, it would not be a problem. But if it has 10, i.e. Q, then there is a problem with dm verity, at least I thought. And then at best you can install an / e / when the S9 is completely wiped, down to the “deepest depths” of the system. And that’s where the problem lies (that was my thought), because it’s very difficult without getting in trouble with dm verity (and certainly cannot be done with easy installer, although I don’t really know what it does). Maybe still some misunderstanding from my side …?

Up to here, your statement and task was clearly defined for me.
/e/OS build e-0.13-q-2021012097133-dev-starlte needs Stock Android 10 as a starting point and is thus ready to leave the Google eco-system.

Subsequent texts from you are actually somewhat misleading me. But only one thing is important: /e/ OS ‘Q’ AOSP Android 10 can be installed immediately without further ado.

Thank you. I’m sorry if it’s a bit annoying. The more I read, the more confused I get. So no issue with dm verity or whatever, and just get started and that’s it (?) That’s how I understand you. I’m sorry, I’m just worried that I might be making a brick.

@Matop , I understand your concerns or even fears. They only arise because of the unknown territory you want to enter.

And no - I am not annoyed. I’m in good spirits. I’ve already helped a few S9 /S9+ us/e/rs install the latest /e/OS - without making their Galaxy’s non-functional. You will be able to do it too. Take heart :))

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ok, thank you so much. I’ll start coming weekend. And, if I understood this correctly, during the easy installer workflow , I will be able to initiate a full backup image with TWRP, thus to be able to get back, in any case, as if I haven’t touched the device?

No, at least not one hundred percent.
Once you have flashed a custom recovery like eRecovery or TWRP Recvery, the Samsung KNOX status is set from 0x0 to 0x1. This is a so-called Samsung “security feature” that allows Samsung to immediately detect whether the original state has been changed.

Nevertheless, a customROm such as /e/OS can be flashed back to stock Android 10 and no one will think at first glance that the device has been ‘tampered’ with. For a complete data backup, a commuinity member recently suggested this following way.

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Very thanks for the good work!!! I see that some of the devices in the list that were planned to be upgraded to Q some weeks ago, they still appear in the official /devices/ with nougard or pie. So my question is: are there some delays with the upgrades or is the list the one outdated?
Or I am looking in the wrong place?


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Last week’s new devices and upgrades have still not rolled out completely. There were some issues in the build which caused bootloops in some devices. This plus we need to add a fix to resolve booting issues on AB devices . These two issues have caused a delay in the release.
For now hoping to meet the targets for last week and this week.
I will be updating the dates in the list in case there will be a 1 week delay which will cascade across all the devices.


I tried this but I couldn’t get root with Magisk:

  • backed up everything wth TWRP (just in case)
    • Installed Magisk.zip from TWRP. It claimed to have patched boot.img
    • Installed MagiskManager. Started it and tit showed the blue (Install) page, rather than the green (it’s all worked page

So I’m giving up for now. The TWRP backup works for me, it just takes a bit longer.

Hello, I am new member of the community. Not very much technical, just wanting to proctect my privacy. I recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S10 and would like to use e OS on it. Do you have any information by when I can expect e version for this device? Thanks, Claus

As you mentioned we do not support the S10 currently.

This is our list of supported devices

You could check if there are some Unofficial builds, made by the community. Those are visible here

If you don’t find your phone in these lists, you can request support for it on our community forum.
We evaluate phone support based on most popular requests and feasibility. More at this URL

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Gigaset GS290 is missing but on the supported List.

Hey, first of all this are amazing news.

Actually I’m looking forward to upgrade. What holds me back is the amount of work in the migration process since going from PIE to Q means basically installation from scratch with painful and time consuming manual installation of all the apps one posesses including configuration of each application.

I’ve came across seedvault and was told it will be integrated in Q releases v14. But actually having seedvault in PIE would ease the migration process for everyone.
Please make seedvault available in PIE v14 release. It is available for PIE