2021: Week wise OS upgrade and new Device release plan

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What do you mean with P (production)?
Android 10 = Q, Android 9 = P(ie), Android 8 = O(reo), Android 7 = N(ougat).

Or do you mean production in relation to the “dev” releases? It works like this …


Thanks again! I meant production in relation to the “dev” releases. Then I understand Android 10 (Q) is a production version in this sense (already some time on the market), please correct me, if I am wrong.

Stays the question about the maturity of /e/ based on Android 10: do you estimate the quality and stability (not considering new features) better that /e/ based on Android 9? (quality and stability has more value to me than new features)
Or does make sense to wait for further improvements of /e/ on Android 10 so far?

Hi there !
I got Galaxy Note 9 with eOS 0.11q.
I’m wondering if I should wait some days to get OTA update ? or should I install manually a version 0.13 from dev channel ?

If Android 9 works well for you, you could of course stay with Android 9 as long as it gets security updates.

Hello Manoj,
I upgraded my S7 from nougat to Oreo (using TWRP) and since then I receive oreo OTA updates but install fails. Each time, I have to update using TWRP. Is it normal?

Same problem for me (from Oreo 0.13 to 0.14).

exactly the same for me with my S7.

Maybe these devices - A5, A7 all need to be upgraded ASAP to Q. The LOS code being in Q and /e/ still on previous OS versions may be the issue behind these bootloops and bricked devices.

A3 is still on Oreo too !

Hi Manoj,

I’m lost.
So, just to confirm: If I already have a stable version -> no need to flash.

My example: Samsung S9 with last Oreo 0.14 OTA updated.

So, upgrade to android Q will be delivered directly by OTA

Best regards

If it is an OS upgrade … for example Pie to Q then it has to be manually done. There are no OTA OS upgrades on any channel.

Hi Manoj,

I am a happy new owner of a Galaxy S9 Plus since a few days now, bought on the /e/ store. Obviously I don’t get all the bits and pieces. Your answer is very clear but… Does the Easy Installer is a solution to do an OS upgrade (for the Galaxy S9 plus at least)?


You do not need /e/asy-Installer, which is primarily designed for reinstallation. Your ‘Galaxy S9 plus’ has a custom-Recovery on board. With this, you can easily upgrade your ePhone without an additional PC. Upgrading works very similarly to the S7 /S7 Edge.


I bought a FP3 in the /e/ store with android P.

I wil not do a manual update of my phone due to the risk of failures

Wil that mean that i’m stuck at android P and will never be able to have Android 10 on my FP3?


Thanks Manoj.

So, version upgrade means manual flashing.

Problem is more backup and reinstallation/configuration of all apps (except if you are rooted with Titanium backup for ex).
Is there someone who made an easy manual upgrade guide (like exists for installation on Windows) ?

My best

Thank you for your answer. I followed your link so I assume I understand how to upgrade my phone. When you say :

I understand that the installer does a fresh install of Android Q, losing my data. Instead an upgrade brings Android Q saving my data. I may be dumb, but am I right ?

Hi @seg,
by reinstall I meant an initial install of stock Android coming with original Android-Recovery included. Since your Galaxy S9 plus with pre-installed /e/ OS Oreo-8.1 ‘stable’ - a so-called ePhone - is to be migrated to a higher /e/ OS version, I’m talking about an upgrade.

Installing this completely new version will erase all your data irrevocably. You should therefore back up all your important data and files externally before upgrading.

The installation of /e/ OS ‘Q’ can be carried out without an external PC, i.e. only with the Galaxy S9 plus. Of course, there are also other ways, such as custom recovery + adb sideload or, last but not least, the so-called /e/asy-installer (which I do not recommend at the moment, unless the /eTeam has made important corrections in the meantime).

Hi @SuzieQ
Now I get it ! As this phone is my daily driver, I guess I’d prefer the last but not least solution. All in good time.
“He who waits with prudence, he will be rewarded in due time”, isn’t it ?
Tonight I’m going to bed less stupid :clown_face:
Thank you very much !

I just flashed 0.14 Q on my FP2, without wiping (I’ve made a backup though). It was an update from 0.14 P, installed OTA yesterday. It worked flawlessly! I didn’t notice any problems yet. Thanks to the team!
But I couldn’t find the gesture navigation. Anyone has it on a FP2?