Advice for a tablet

Hello everyone,

I would like to receive some advice about the following topic: I am striving for tablet.
I wished I could buy one from Murena. Unfortunately, I have been waiting for quite a long time, and I do not know:
a) if I should keep waiting
b) buy an old tablet and try to install a ROM. I have the opportunity to purchase a Samsung Tab S3 (SM-T825), and I saw that, differently from the S2, there is no /e/ ROM for it, although some users prepared some custom ROMs (perhaps worth trying)

Any suggestions?

Spoiler: I would definetely prefer a), if I did not have to wait too long …

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In the development updates there is a reference for an new e OS T build for a Tablet. Not sure if this is for an existing tablet or a new tablet… I would wait :slight_smile:

Next set of development updates

Status : :green_circle: Development and testing

/e/OS T or Android 13
New and improved version of the Bliss Launcher
An /e/OS T build for a tablet. Will share tablet name once we have the final builds ready

The initial builds look promising. Expect the release in about 1-2 months.

Thank you @ronnz98

Reading “expect the release in about 1-2 months”, I would agree with your suggestion about waiting … even if the milestone is not strictly respected, perhaps it would be the right moment when Murena starts selling one … and in such a case I would really prefer to wait for it

Just to add, that “expect the release in about 1-2 months” was written 1 month ago :nerd_face:

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even better, I would need to wait only few days :slight_smile:

if I understood correctly, T is expected next month … so will a tablet be there?
Because temptation is always around the corner… They proposed a Lenovo Tab 13 to me, but there is no ROM for it, so I am still in the same situation as before …

Let’s hope to have a Murena Tab 5Se soon …

I hope that a new tablet device will be introduced. The Samsung S5e is already supported and will receive Android T

I agree @ronnz98
Let’s cross fingers and wait to see if anything happens in June …

I have the Lenovo yoga tablet which I am very satisfied with and it is supported by /e/


having seen how bad I am at flashing ROMs :smiley: , either I found an opportunity for a device (because I come across or somebody proposes me to buy) or I would definitely prefer to buy a tablet with /e/OS preinstalled :innocent: let’s see …

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I can guide you step by step if you want, (using direct message)
i have already proposed it to you 2 years ago. It is still possible…

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Hi @piero,

yes, I remember, and I thank you for that.
But I was hoping to see /e/ tablet sooner, and I thought that it would be more convenient to have it ready out of the box (I am a bit lazy, and short of available time), and, in that way, I would as well support the team here

I made now a build for the Galaxy Tab S3 and some of the Galaxy Tab S2 if you want to try out