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Hi everyone. Probably a very obvious question but I’ve just bought a phone and looking forward to getting my data back! It’s not clear to me though how I sign up for a subscription to make calls. Is this all done over WiFi or can we access a mobile phone network and if so how?

Many thanks

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Hi @JJWills welcome to the /e/ forum.

The standard way to access a mobile network is via a SIM card. Maybe you already have a SIM (which you can transfer) in another device, otherwise I guess it depends where in the world you are how you would go about choosing a new provider.

Thank you for your reply
So I, can literally put my Vodafone sim card in and carry on as normal

Great news :blush:

In terms with of migrating any data from my phone I presume that’s limited to compatible applications?

My current phone is Android so that should make things easier I guess

Maybe this page will provide some pointers

From the documentation Support topics there are migration pages, for instance Migrate your data from Google Cloud to Murena cloud.

Use of a OTG USB Flash drive can be useful for transfer of items in your regular internal storage from one device to another.

Regarding your SIM card which you have been using in regular Android, there are some who would feel that this card and phone number will be already “known to Google” and so they would prefer a fresh start.

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