Aniversary of contacts not shown in calendar

is there a way of showing all aniversaries set in my contacts to show in calendar? That was the default in my iphone (happend automatically) and i would be very happy to have that on /e/ as well. Do i need to set something? I tried to go through all the settings of contacts and calendar apps, but did not find anything useful/working for that matter. I found this thread, but that does not seem to deal with what i need. Did not find any other useful thread. Thank you for hints.

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Are you talking about birthdays or really aniversary? Birthdays should shown, aniversary I never have seen

@harvey186 Any and all of them. Birthdays, aniversaries, other and custom. Those types of aniverseries i am offered by the contact app. Sometimes i have set birthdays, sometimes aniversaries, but none of them show up in calendar.

Birthdays are special and will be available in e account setup
Under device settings / accounts / e (not e contacts) push the account and the setup will open. Check if birthdays are activated

@harvey186 I do not have any accounts called “e” or “e address book” added. I need to press “add account”, either “/e/” or “/e/ address book”, but then it wants me to input email, password and server. I do not have my data in cloud. I do not understand this. Is it really set in such a way, that on a privacy phone all data can be synced only through cloud? (which goes against idea of privacy). I really do not understand that. Thanks.

Oh, sorry, I thought you have on e or nextcloud account.
So you have had a one time import of your contacts via vcf file?

Ok, I have made a test. I have created a addressbook on the device only. Have added a contact with birthday, aniversary and ‘other’.
Default calendar shows none of this dates.

I’m using simpleCalendar from.f-droid snd it is showing the birthday only.

@harvey186 [quote=“harvey186, post:6, topic:18275”]
So you have had a one time import of your contacts via vcf file?
Yes, one time import through vcf file.

@harvey186 I’ll play with it tomorrow and leave a feedback. Thanks for your assistance! Appreciated! Libor

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Hi Libor.
If you are referring to android 7 (nougat), so yes, birthdays calendar is gone with latest update of two days ago.

I think that will be resolved with the next ota update, but if you want to switch to android 8/9, you can check the unofficial builds made by /e/ developer/friends at this address (I put a short link because I do not remember the full address):