[FEATURE PROPOSAL] Contact's birthday in offline calendar


as discussed by @calamarim here or by @liborb here, the birthdays of contacts are not available in offline calendar.

So that means you MUST sync your phone to have the birthday in your calendar. But some people (like me) doesn’t want to sync phone with cloud for many valid reasons (security and so privacy, …).
So create himself event for the birthday of your contact in offline calendar is quite time consuming and even more when you need to backup the calendar (what you can’t do without cloud). This means you have to recreate birthday calendar at each time it has been wiped by reinstallation or data cleaning for any reason!

So the idea is quite simple (to propose): allow calendar for contact’s birthday in offline calendar!

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You could just use another calendar app. Simple Calendar (from F-Droid) does the job very well, has several widgets and adds another nice feature: local holidays.


… and easy peasy calender export and import too

If I remember correctly there are also birthday-related calendar tools on F-Droid.
Been awhile since I used any though.

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Thanks guys for your inputs.
So I tested Simple Calendar and so I think that for the moment I will switch to this app.
But I hope Calendar will be improve in the future to avoid to have to install other apps.

what comes up regularly when the issue is raised at Etar (that insists on being a calendar-tool only, not a contacts db readout) is Birthday Adapter | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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Yes, Birthday Adapter is the one I used in the past.
There was an issue regarding years or something. A build with fixes was posted in this thread, which I used. That was back in the Oreo days though.

Issue # 106 (Birthdays without year shown as born in 1970 (49 years old this year)) at SufficientlySecure/birthday-calendar

Indeed Birthday calendar works fine (with the small bug evoked by @marcdw).
In that case, instead to reinvent the wheel, why not implement this app inside Calendar??


at the end for the bug (WIP: New ICS import/export by dschuermann · Pull Request #653 · Etar-Group/Etar-Calendar · GitHub), there is an easy workaround:
In settings > birthday with age, delete (%2$s) fix the issue for all my birthday because they don’t have year…

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