Antivirus for smartphone?

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m wondering, are you using an antivirus on your smartphone ?

Is it usefull ?

I use it, but it hasn’t found a virus yet.
To decide, you can read this or other:

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When you see the number of trackers, it doesn’t make you want to install them.
Security patches providing by /e/ are recent so if you just don’t download on untrusted sources and don’t give permissions an app doesn’t need, it should be alright.
Furthermore you will save batterie and RAM.
That’s just my opinion :wink:

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for my antivirus:

  • Battery consumption: less than 1% of battery, not even in the list.
  • Average memory in 1 day: 34 MB (max 54 MB)

Practically irrelevant

From my side of view it makes absolute no sense to install a anti virus on your phone. Check your apps what they are doing as I have written here Downloading an app on yalpstore : error message

You’re right, limiting to F-Droid app, antivirus might be useless but you could enable website filtering/control, email attachments, file transfer between device, downloaded files. Our smartphones are not isolated, I don’t know the Android patch level (usually manifacturers leave them before the end of the device’s life) and the habits / cautions of users.

i use an antivirus, but mainly as a way to wipe the device when lost. Cerberus is also able to do this, so that’s an alternative. In choosing i made sure to choose one that was based in Europe, and thus has to follow EU privacy laws, and that has a good reputation. I ended up with Bitdefender.
however, I’m not an expert at all, so this is just my experience.

Which AV is this pls?