Any way to install easy-installer with apt, i.e. explicilty without snap?


for reasons XYZ, I would prefer to install easy-installer package via apt subsystem. Snap is currently broken on my Ubuntu 20.x LTE and upgrade to next LTE causes other trouble. So I would prefer rather to install in normal way for apt system. Or at least with dpkg from single .deb file (I can install dependencies manually).

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Debian package for easy-installer

Ubuntu L.T.S. is for Long Time Support (3 years)

Please note that I didn’t update the Debian package after June. New devices were added in the newer versions (e.g. the Fairphone 4). These are not yet included in the unofficial Debian package.

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any chance to access to source, so could build it myself?

Yes, of course! Here is the documentation: Contribute to the Easy Installer.

As a side note, you cal also install manually : Package Registry · e / devices / Easy Installer · GitLab