App icons resetting alphabetically in home screen

Recurrent behavior (possible bug?): app icons on home screen are reordered alphabetically by app name and lose all nesting into groups/folders; I believe it’s triggered by some mixture of low battery/battery saver mode/AC powering. Is anyone else experiencing this?
I’m on a FairPhone3 running /e/OS 1.11-s-20230510288098-stable-FP3 but actually this same problem has been occurring for several upgrade cycles in the past year or so.

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This week’s update: Week 25, 2023 : Development and Testing Updates it is suggested we can expect an

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… or think of a different launcher:

I have experienced the exact same issue multiple times on my Fairphone 3. I am running /e/OS1.15-s-20230913330639-stable-FP3.

I just had the issue on a Xiaomi Redmi note 8, icons re-arranged themselves overnight to alphabetical order. Using /e/OS 1.17-r (ginkgo). Haven’t figured out why yet.